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        Welcome to the web page devoted to the historic costume reconstruction. The main purpose of this page is to represent my artistic achievements in this domain as well as the results of my long-lasting independent research which extended the studies at Szkola Artystycznego Projektowania Ubioru (School of Artistic Fashion Design) under the guidance of Prof. Piasecka - Tarabuła and Prof. Finkstein. The crowning achievement of those studies was my diploma collection "The Tudor Roses - English Renaissance Costume under the Spanish Influences".

        The costumes were used by the members of knight guild movements, dancers, musicians and amateurs of culture history.

        Several exhibitions of my works gained a high recognition of the museologists and the culture animators as well as large interest of the public. They were organized in, among the others, the Pieskowa Skala Castle (department of Państwowe Zbiory Sztuki na Wawelu - Museum of Wawel Royal Castle, Cracow), the Niepolomice Castle (during I Festival of Ancient Music and Culture), C.K.Norwid Culture Center in Cracow and in many others.
    The "Tudor Roses" were also exhibited on professional fashion shows during the elite events.

        I would like to greatfully acknowledge my sister Magdalena Sepial for all those years of persistent cooperation, she had her both hands in each exhibition and presentation. I would like also to present my special thanks to Monika Sokół my the most patient and the most persistent model and hostess :) as well as to the main director of Pafsonix Entertainement System® for his help in the preparations of multimedia setting.

Justyna Sepiał - Rychlik  


    Foto's by: Justyna Sepiał - Rychlik, Wojciech Satora, Jacek Sepiał.