Renaissance costumes - PolandWersja polska

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Coronation robe of Maryna Mniszech (emperess of Rossia)

After the "Wawel Portrait" paint by unknown painter

1606 .

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Dress and ropa of queen Catherina Habsburg - the third wife of Sigismundus Augustus
- after the portrait of PF master  


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Dress of queen Elizabeth Habsburg, the first wife of Sigismundus Augustus

after Lucas Cranach the Younger,


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Dress of young gentlewoman

after the woodcut in "Wizerunek własny człowieka poczciwego" by Mikołaj Rej editioned in Cracow


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Dress of shoemaker's wife.

After the "Baltasar Behem Codex"


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Dress of princess Anna Jagiellon

after the "Jagiello Family" paint by Lucas Cranach the Younger
about 1555.

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Dress of servant girl, polish fashion

The "pillow" head dress

first half od 16th c.

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"Szuba" - polish cloak

first half od 16th c

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